The Problem With Using The Same Password Everywhere, Illustrated

The Problem With Using The Same Password Everywhere, Illustrated

We recently offered a feature explaining why you should update your weak passwords and stop using the same password everywhere. Today’s xkcd comic illustrates the fallacy and potential dangers of the one-password-for-everything system, with a bit of evil-genius-turned-sad backstory.

Hit the link for the full comic and share your own revelations about weak passwords or your nefarious/goofy plans for world domination with them in the comments.

Password Reuse [xkcd]


  • The trick is to have one basic easy to remember password for the dozens of non critical sites and logins we all accumulate nowadays, but unique strong passwords for the few critical ones (bank, PayPal, email etc.). Keeps password fatigue to a minimum but security high.

    • taking this one step further, i keep about 5 levels of passwords. From a simple password for all the new sites/startsup/random website registrations, through to more complex password for email accounts, and a really secure one for banking. Throw in one more set for wireless routers. It might sound confusing, but if its thought out well, you only ever really need to change a couple of them on a regular basis. this way, months down the road, you dont have to deal with forgetting passwords on beta sites or email subscription sites.

  • I administer CCTV and alarm systems, between the different requirements of each system in terms of paswords and the high level of security some of my clients need I find myself forced to remember an inordinate number of user names, passwords AND ip address’s. It is starting to really give me the shits. Does anyone have a system?? I’m nearing saturation point.

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