Strobox Pairs Photographs And Their Lighting Schemes

Strobox Pairs Photographs And Their Lighting Schemes

If you’re a photography student, formally or informally, learning about lighting schemes is one of the trickier and more time consuming aspects of study. Strobox pairs user-submitted photographs with lighting diagrams to help you learn how lighting schemes impact the final photo.

An experienced eye can give a pretty good guess as to how a photo was lit. If you’re new to photography, especially using studio lighting, it’s more difficult to pick out the lighting scheme used. Strobox pairs photos with diagrams of the lighting gear to help you visualise how the equipment was arranged and what the end result was in the photo.

In addition to the diagram photos also include notes on the setup like what kind of camera and lens captured the image, as well as specifics about what kind of accessories and supplemental tools were used. Check out the site below to browse the hundreds of user-submitted photos.

Strobox [via MakeUseOf]


  • The Strobox website gets a big thumbs down from me. While I think the idea behind showing the lighting setup is neat, if you navigate to the site with noscript or any blocker addon, you get a simple text message “WTF, no javascript?”.

    I don’t appreciate webmasters demanding (and expecting) to run programs client-side. It is a privilege that should be earned, or at least asked politely.


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