Sleep Bot Tracks, Logs, Analyses Your Sleep Patterns

Android: Sleep Bot is a personal metric tool for tracking and analysing your sleep patterns. Whether you're keeping a detailed log for your doctor or just trying to get a handle on your exhaustion, Sleep Bot will keep track of the details.

Sleep Bot is a full app paired with a simple widget to make "clocking" in and out of your sleep routine easy. If you do nothing but use the widget to mark when you fall asleep and wake up, Sleep Bot tracker can compile a basic sleep record for you. In additional to simply recording the times, you can annotate the sleep record with notes and export a detailed sleep history for backup or to share with your healthcare provider.

Sleep Bot is a free application, Android only. You can download it by searching for "Sleep Bot" in the Android Market.

Sleep Bot Tracker Log [AppBrain]


    Well is there something like this for a win7 PC?

      Hi Zac--

      I'm one of the developers.
      Yes there will soon be a free online platform at!
      You can track our progress at or add me on fb!

      Sweet dreams! :]


        anyone know if there is a version of this that tracks other things... Such as exercise or work for freelancers?

    yeah, it is called excel.

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