Remember Your Mail By Clipping It To Your Front Door

Remember Your Mail By Clipping It To Your Front Door

If you frequently find yourself leaving for work without letters you intended to drop in the mail or other small papers, this simple hack will make sure you never leave without them.

Lifehacker reader HeadsetChatter was tired of forgetting mail that needed to go out so he turned some cheap office supplies into highly visible front-door reminder.

I used to have a lot of trouble remembering to leave the house with envelopes to mail (like my rent!). I got a cheap clip with adhesive on the back from some office supply store and affixed it right next to my front door. When there are envelopes in it, it makes it nearly impossible to open the door without removing them (and if you really want to be sure, put the envelopes horizontally!)

If you live in a newer home or apartment, there is a good chance you have a metal fire-door and can skip having to adhere anything to the wall by using a magnetic clip right on the door above the handle. Have your own hack for making sure you never leave the house without mailing your bills? Let’s hear about it in the comments. Thanks HeadsetChatter!

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