Reader Survey: WIN $3,648 TV And Camera Package

Reader Survey: WIN $3,648 TV And Camera Package

Long-time readers might remember our last survey. It’s a time when we find out a little bit more about who is reading, so we can do a better job of (a) serving you and (b) getting the right advertisers involved so we can KEEP serving you! For a few minutes of your time, Sony is kindly offering up a 46-inch BRAVIA NX700 LCD TV along with a Cyber-shot TX5 to one very lucky Allure Media Network reader.

Just head over here to take our survey, which should only take about five minutes. Give us your details at the end of the survey and you’ll be in the draw for the prizes!

Take the survey here.

Terms & Conditions of the prize draw here.

Thanks to everyone who contributes to the survey, it really helps us develop what we do here at Allure Media.

Good luck with the Sony prize pack!


  • Topic 3 question 3, “Which of the following services do you use on your mobile?”
    There is no tickbox for ‘Phone calls’? My mobile won’t perform any of the other tricks. When I type ‘Phone calls’ in the “other(please specify)” box, I am not allowed to proceed! Persecuted!

  • If you are going conduct a survey then you need to make sure everyone can complete it. I gave up at the mobile phone services because none of the options applied and it wouldn’t accept an answer in other. Sigh.

    • I take the occasional photo, so choose that option. Otherwise just add something to proceed.
      Elsewhere there is an “Other please specify” option, but with no space to specify.

  • Just took the survey. There was one question that I entered “other: option into ie nil use of phone for any of the above and would no let me proceed until I entered one of there pre-chosen choices.
    I don’t know if this is deliberate or an accident but I would expect Alure media to be a bit more polished.
    Time they started reading Life hacker.

  • Yeah… the “Other” option does not work in any section of the poll. Kinda useless. But I guess it makes the result easier for the pollster’s to analyze if everything is confined to the chosen neat little boxes. Useless, but easy 😉

  • I had to lie several times on the questions because there wasn’t a response it would accept that was truthful. (eg: I’m not planning on any interesting purchases over the next year. I don’t buy computers or computer accessories – that’s what I have an employer for, etc)

    Hope it doesn’t stuff up your survey too much.

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