Pocket Cinema Downloads Movie Tickets To Your iPhone

There's plenty of ways to find a movie you want to watch via your iPhone, but not many of them give you access to the ticket as well. The Pocket Cinema application lets you purchase and download a ticket for scanning directly from your iPhone (or iPad) for screenings at Event Cinemas venues (Greater Union and Birch Carroll & Coyle).

The app also features options to browse screening times, get cinema directions and watch trailers, but it's the ticket buying option that sounds particularly appealing, especially if you want to dodge queues at the venue.

Pocket Cinema is a free download for iOS. If you've used it to make a movie visit, tell us how it performed in the comments.

Pocket Cinema


    I haven't tried it, but the 2/5 rating and mostly negative reviews suggest it doesn't perform all that well...

    It's pretty ugly and not coded very well but yes, it does work fine. When it comes to purchasing the ticket it's mainly handled through the full resolution (not a mobile interface) website in-app.

    Went to see Inception last night, dude at the booth scanned my iPhone screen directly with his laser wand and all was peachy.

    Wish it was half as pretty as the US app, Movies Now http://www.moviesnowapp.com/

    I tried it recently. My seats were double booked with another couple who payed cash on the night.
    Mentioned the bug to them and no response.

    This App is flawed. I ordered and paid for a ticket using this app, upon completion, it display the barcode. BUT, if you exit the app, that barcode screen is lost, and cannot be retrieved. So unless you leave the app open from the time of booking til you get to cinema, its less than useless. I got to the cinema and they cannot retrieve my ticket without the barcode/number. They had to retrieve it using my cinebuzz member code. Even then, they couldnt print my ticket without my code. I checked my email for confirmation but it didnt arrive until AFTER i got out of the movie.

    This app is good for checking movie times, but it's useless for buying tickets.

    ps. what else is stupid is during the purchasing process, it asks for your "name" so we can use it to collect our ticket, the ticket lady didn't accept names for ticket [email protected]@$#[email protected]$

    this app was already around but didn't have the function to buy and use as ticket.

    It was crap then, it is crap now. They should stop employing preschool kids to code for them

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