Pic2Shop Is A Quick-Focusing, Android Barcode Scanner

Pic2Shop Is A Quick-Focusing, Android Barcode Scanner

Android: If you’ve been less than satisfied with barcode scanning on your Android phone — either due to lack of an autofocusing camera or an overzealous autofocus — Pic2Shop is a free and effective barcode scanner that overcomes the deficiencies of most camera phones.

You can run into two problems when using your phone’s camera to scan barcodes. The first problem is blurry barcodes on phones without an autofocusing camera. The second problem plagues phones with an overactive autofocus, you wait ages for a good capture because the camera is freaking out focusing and refocusing on the barcode — usually exacerbated by shiny packaging and poor lighting. (The latter case is why I sought out a new barcode application for my HTC Hero.)

Pic2Shop is a lightning fast barcode scanning application for Android phones. It locks on and acquires the barcode even when the camera isn’t fully focused. In a worst case scenario when it fails to scan you can punch in the numbers manually on a keypad. It’s worth noting that it only failed when we tried it in a very dimly lit room where it was hard for us to even read the barcode numbers. When the scan is complete and a product is found, Pic2Shop gives you a list of local and virtual merchants with price comparison as well as a link to search on Amazon.com, Google Products and Google search.

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