Patience And Planning Pay Off For Photography

Patience And Planning Pay Off For Photography

Yes, you’d swear that this was the product of careful Photoshopping, but it’s actually a genuine photo taken in Queensland. The lesson for photographers? Observe the world around you for opportunities and then grab them when all the elements align.

As Chris explained on the Ice In Space Forum, taking the shot was the result of having noticed the same :

Everyday this Qantas Dash 8 Q 400 flies over our country property, always at 5.30 pm, without fail-I have watched it fly ‘through’ the moon a few times. Today, the moon was at the ‘right’ phase-approx in line with the planes flight path. So I set up gear (I have done this drill quite a few times!) I saw the plane along way of and thought ‘no-it’s not going to hit’,I stayed beside scope just in case, then as it got closer,I could see “it was going to line up!”

Having good gear helps, but patience and observation always pay off when you’re trying to take better pictures. Hit Gizmodo’s post for full details of the gear and how Chris took the shot.

There Is A Qantas Plane On The Moon [Gizmodo]


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