OurDeal Offers Group-Style Discounts

Buying in bulk is a staple approach to saving money with physical goods. OurDeal offers a similar approach to "experiences", with daily discounts on meals, sports and other activities if enough people sign up for a given deal.

OurDeal is entering a somewhat crowded marketplace, with both JumpOnIt.com and Ouffer.com providing similar services that use the "if enough people buy it, we all get the discount" metaphor. That's not a bad thing if it means a diverse choice of deals to consider -- the risk is that, as with gadget deal of the day sites, every one of them ends up selling discount pedometers.

That said, so far OurDeal seems to have had a decent mix of dining and recreation offers. Currently the service is operating in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, with other cities to follow.


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    The deal of the day concept is taken directly from the US and seems to be a relatively good business model. However, the limitations of this style of discount offer site is you only get to choose one offer at a time. What if your looking for something specific? Then that's where these sites fall over.
    Lots of people are now searching for what offers/discounts and available via laptops and increasingly mobile phones so a mobile version is certainly where the market is headed!!!

      I agree, I found really cool site (http://www.whatsonoffer.com.au) that has heaps of offers not just one.

    Agree with Dan, whatsonoffer.com.au is a killer website with heaps of offers and has an awesome mobile version... My wife and I always use this website from our mobile phone's while we are out and about.

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