Our Favourite Office Objects: Kitchen Goods As Office Storage

Our Favourite Office Objects: Kitchen Goods As Office Storage

Keeping an office organised depends on a good storage system, but office supplies can quickly get expensive. Chances are you already have cheaper and more attractive alternatives in your kitchen.

Most office supplies are really dull, poorly made (if you get the cheap ones) and don’t do anything particularly special. Rather than buying a bunch of crappy office storage devices, I like to use kitchen items. You end up with many more interesting options and a more unique office.

when I was putting together my workspace

These are just a the repurposed kitchen items I use every day for office storage, but the larger point is that you when you start looking thinking outside your local big-box office-supply store, you can find cheaper, more attractive options for organising your office. Got any of your own? Let’s hear ’em in the comments.


  • I have seen in Pinterest similar ideas of re-purposing unused kitchen items for office use. Mason jars can be used for storing small items. Kitchen trays can be used as mobile pods for papers and other flat surfaced office items. It doesn’t require a lot of creativity. Just a little will do.

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