Order Steak Fries, Refrigerate Canned Soups For Subtle Fat Saving

In listing eight ways to cut fat "without realising it", Men's Health has some oddities (adding juice concentrate to stir-fry?) but also potentials for healthier eating without pain. Among them are ordering steak fries and putting canned soups in the fridge.

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The steak fries (i.e. thickly cut chips), the editors claim, absorb less oil than their shoestring and curly-cut cousins, so if you like the more potato-forward taste, go for them when you can. As for the soup, refrigerating a "hearty" or "beefy" canned soup before heating it up allows the fat to congeal at the top of the can, so you can scrape some of it off.

Beyond Men's Health's eight entries (in semi-annoying, page-reloading click-through fashion), what ways do you cut fat out without noticing too much?

8 Ways to Cut Fat Without Realizing It: Cool Your Cans [MensHealth.com via Consumerist]


    Yet another US-centric post with no relevance to Australians. What the hell is a steak fry?

      Regular cut chip (as opposed to curly). I thought that was obvious from the context, but I'll add a note.

        I knew what they were. I've heard them called steak chips. Obviously, fries is chips.

        I agree though that it's nice when things are Australianised just a little for our reading pleasure :)

        I was under the impression that 'steak fries' meant thicker, straight cut chips. Whereas 'french fries' are the thinner variety... i.e. MacDonald's size.

        Seriously though, I'm Australian and I can work this out for myself. Do you need your hand held through every Americanised reference? It's a world-wide blog. Read SMH if you want bland Australian-focused gadgetry.

    To avoid the "semi-annoying, page-reloading click-through fashion", simply click on the "Printer" button to see all the tips on one page. Simple!

    While I perfectly got the steak fries reference, what I don't like is that this is a typical American "how to pretend we are eating healthier without actually doing it" tips article. Like telling readers to pat their 8 rashers of bacon with paper towel before adding cheese and deep frying it all to reduce fat. Seriously, if you want less fat in your diet then don't eat fries/chips, don't eat processed crap in a can because while you may be able to scrape a tiny bit of congealed fat off, the sugar and sodium will kill you regardless.
    Want to be healthy? Eat healthy. No half arsed tips, no shortcuts. Just do it.

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