No Australian Release Date Yet For BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

No Australian Release Date Yet For BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

We’ve got the iPad and an increasing range of Android options, but more players in the tablet market are always welcome. BlackBerry’s launch of its own tablet, the PlayBook, is an interesting addition, but Aussie enthusiasts will be hanging out for a while before they see one.

Our sibling site Gizmodo has all the details you’ll want on the newly announced device. BlackBerry’s announcement says that the device will appear at the beginning of 2011 in the US, with international releases to follow in calendar Q2. However, the word from RIM locally is a tad starker:

Local availability and pricing have not yet been released.

We’ll cross our fingers that means we get the Q2 release, but past experiences suggests Australia often lags with BlackBerry releases.


  • Hmmm as usual the tease of things not being available here for ages – very tiring.

    By the time it is here hopefully the shops will be crammed with el-cheapo tablets from OEMs anyway, so we will all wonder why we ever pondered paying so much for a tablet.

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