Nine’s GEM Launch Delayed By Technical Hitch

Nine’s GEM Launch Delayed By Technical Hitch

Nine’s plans to launch its third channel GEM one day ahead of Seven’s third channel 7Mate appear to have backfired, with TV Tonight reporting that the channel now won’t launch until this Sunday at 6am because of technical difficulties. If nothing else, that means a temporary reprieve for fans lamenting the loss of Nine’s general HD channel. [TV Tonight]


  • Can you get the channel already? I mean, I can get 7mate already, its currently just a duplicate of 7.
    I scanned a few times this morning for it but nothing came up.

    • The reason that 7mate was identical to channel 7 was because it was only launched today and was airing the feed from 7.
      It now has it’s own feed and own shows running.
      So quit your bitching.

      • I wasnt bitching about anything.
        I was purely saying that the 7mate channel I had already, even though it was only duplicating ch7 until the real broadcast starts. But the new 9 channel I wasnt able to find yet, even after doing a few scans. Then someone pointed out that the new 9 channel will be broadcast on the 9HD channel, which explained why I wasnt able to find a new 9 channel.

        So, was I bitching? No, I think not.
        You sir are a moron.

  • Most people these days have HD capable TV’s. Its a shame we losing these HD channels (I am not sure if GEM for example will be a HD channel?).

    Anyway, its grea they are adding more channels, but hopefully they will start giving people the option to watch only HD and remove SD.

  • I would of thought the flagship channel should be the one in HD? However as long as the HD channel is used for the correct content (movies, big budget series etc) I don’t really care what the name is. With the main channels running more “who wants to cook/dance/sing/whatever” type content maybe it will be a good thing to free up the HD bandwidth.

    • @petey – They can’t make their flagship channel HD only until most Australian TV’s can pick up HD. There are still places which can’t pick up digital channels, people who have purchased SD set top boxes and people who can’t afford the upgrade/know how to upgrade.

  • Australian TV networks are only licensed one HD transmission, so that means only one channel can broadcast in HD per network, so thats why each network (SBS, ABC, 7, 9 and 10) only ever will have one HD channel broadcast at any one time.

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