New iPods And Apple TV: Price And Availability In Australia

Our gadget-loving siblings at Gizmodo are all over Apple's new gear announcements. Here's the key local price and release details for when the new iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle, plus the Apple TV, hit Australian shelves.

The biggest delay is on the Apple TV, which will come in at $129. Apple's official stance is that this will be released "late this month", which might sound an ominous note for those who recall the sequence of delays on the local iPad release.

The new iPod models are all due next week. The 8GB Touch is $289, the 32GB model is $378 and the 64GB version is $499. 8GB of Nano will set you back $199, while the 16GB model is $229. The new 2GB Shuffle is $69. On September 9, software upgrades for existing iPod Touch users (enabling features such as Ping) will also be available free of charge.


    awww thats crap. US ipod touch 4th gen is only $229 there .. unless im wrong. Here it had to be a bit over ngaw.

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