Never Lose Your Parked Car Again

Never Lose Your Parked Car Again

While there are good mobile parking apps, sometimes you need more than a smart phone to find your car. Here are some great tips to make sure you never lose your car again.

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Here’s an old-school favourite: Tie a bright piece of fabric around your car’s antenna for easy detection in a crowded lot. Taking a photo with your mobile phone’s camera (or any camera, really) can also be a big help when you can’t remember the area where you parked. However you want to roll, Wired’s put together a great compilation of parking hacks to make locating your car a lot easier.

Hack Your Parking [via Consumerist]


  • Alternatively you could use your brain and just remember where you parked. What happens if your phone battery goes flat while you are away from your car – do you just walk home?

    Start using your brain as a storage device for once.

  • I’m not sure I want these people to be able find there car.
    If you’re unalbe to remember where you parked (especially if you CAN remember to take a photo as you go) you probably shouldn’t be driving at all.

  • Tying something bright and unique to the antenna gives you the advantage that you can spot your car from the other end of the parking lot. This can be useful to find it if someone else parked it for you that day, or even just to quickly check that it hasn’t been stolen or moved.

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