Microsoft Security Essentials Going Free For Small Businesses

Microsoft Security Essentials Going Free For Small Businesses

Microsoft Security Essentials has always been free for personal use, but now our favourite Windows security suite is coming to small businesses as well. Starting in October, small businesses will be able to licence Microsoft Security Essentials for no cost on up to 10 PCs.

Compared to other antivirus solutions, it may not seem like a huge saving, but subscriptions costs definitely add up over time, and you can never go wrong cutting costs in a small business – especially when it’s just as good as other antivirus applications.

[Microsoft Partner SMB Community Blog via Download Squad]


  • I’ve been using MS Essentials since they first released it. At first I didn’t fully trust it and used Avast as a fail-safe, but soon found that Essentials was picking everything up before Avast so I dropped it. Essentials hasn’t missed anything that I’ve noticed so far. I certainly don’t need Companies like Adobe forcing Mcafee down my neck just cos I missed a check box!!

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