Melbourne-Sydney XPT Service Has Resumed

Melbourne-Sydney XPT Service Has Resumed

Lifehacker has spent much of the last week travelling on XPT trains, so it seems natural to point out that the Sydney-Melbourne XPT service, which has been effectively non-existent in Victoria because of track maintenance issues, has started running again this week. You won’t necessarily get great mobile signal and it takes a while, but being on a train beats being on a coach hands-down. [Countrylink]


  • Have you tried to make phone call on plane? They really really don’t like it when you do 😉

    Also the ‘birds’ don’t fly to as many places as XPT stops. I last used the XPT over 10 yrs ago, and stopped too much.

  • Quote:Ripley McStoner
    September 13, 2010 at 3:10 PM
    havent you lot heard of those flying birds in the sky??Unquote:

    Not much use when plane is delayed because of fog and you miss your appointment.Overnight stay makes it a bit expensive ……………

    • Agreed Dave. What is the market for this? The travel time is extraordinarily slow (slower even than driving!), the cost is 2-4x even a last minute economy class fare, and the environment is…less than salubrious. I guess there is some level of convenience (disembarking in the middle of the city instead of Tullamarine or Avalon), but in most cases hiring a car and flying would still be much cheaper, with a total travel time of less than 2 hrs as against 11.

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