Shortens Links With Built-In Security Scanning Shortens Links With Built-In Security Scanning

If you need to pass on a long link and need to assure those who click know it’s safe, security firm McAfee provides a URL shortener that automatically scans the intended destination before letting users click through to it.

The resulting is still pretty short, as tiny link standards go, and the result when clicked is a top frame showing that the site’s been checked against McAfee’s whitelists and security scanners to ensure there’s no malware, click-jackers or other foul play going on.

It’s a service that could be handy for passing on sites to security-conscious clients. For those who are virus-averse, it’s also a nice filter and shield. Now McAfee needs to create a bookmarklet and/or extension to make it more convenient to use. Secure URL Shortener BETA [via How-To Geek]

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