Make Sure TRIM Is Enabled For Your SSD For Better Performance

Make Sure TRIM Is Enabled For Your SSD For Better Performance

Windows 7: One of the best ways to take full advantage of your solid state drive (SSD) is to use the performance-maintaining TRIM command. Technology blog GHacks shows us how to make sure TRIM is enabled in Windows 7.

While you may need something like Intel’s previously mentioned Toolbox application to use the TRIM command, you need to make sure Windows 7 has enabled it first. And while Windows is designed to automatically detect most SSDs, sometimes it doesn’t work as intended. If you find the performance of your SSD is degrading (or just want to make sure TRIM is properly enabled), run Command Prompt as an administrator and type:

fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

It will give you one of two results, either a 0 or a 1. The 0 indicates that TRIM is enabled correctly, and the 1 means that it is not. If you have a TRIM-compatible SSD but find that Windows 7 hasn’t enabled the command, you can easily do so by running this command:

fsutil behavior set disablenotify 0

Note that TRIM is only supported in Windows 7, so if you have an SSD but are running an older version of Windows, it’s probably a good idea to upgrade. Hit the link for other SSD optimisation tips, and share your own with us in the comments.

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