Lunchtime Wrap: Upgrading RAM & Petrol Points

Lunchtime Wrap: Upgrading RAM & Petrol Points

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Wednesday? Learn how to upgrade the RAM in your laptop and calculate if the new Everyday Rewards option to swap petrol discounts for frequent flyer points makes sense for you.

DIY Repairs, Upgrades To Save Your Laptop: Upgrading RAM
Too many laptops are cast aside for singular broken parts, for “running too slow”, or other problems that shouldn’t require a rent-sized new purchase. All this week, we’ll detail fixes and upgrades that save otherwise functional laptops. Today, we’re installing new memory.

Does Trading Petrol Discounts For Frequent Flyer Points Make Sense?
You’ve been able to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points on the Woolworths Everyday Rewards card for more than a year, but a new option lets you trade petrol discounts for additional frequent flyer points. Is that option worth pursuing?

Android’s Many Versions And What’s In Them
Every time we talk about Android phones around here, we pay a lot of attention to which version of Android those phones run. Why are there so many variations and why does it matter to users?

Fairfax News Apps For iPhone Charging $2.49 A Month
Charging for news content hasn’t been a popular concept with most internet users, but that hasn’t stopped publishers from seeking new ways to do it. Fairfax’s latest approach is a series of iPhone apps for its main mastheads that will charge $2.49 a month for access.

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