Lunchtime Wrap: Unlimited Broadband & Windows Troubleshooting

Lunchtime Wrap: Unlimited Broadband & Windows Troubleshooting

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on over the weekend? Learn where to find unlimited broadband deals, how to troubleshoot Windows and our top 10 exercise and fitness tips and tools.

Planhacker: Unlimited Broadband Deals
If you’re a heavy Internet user, paying a fortune for a high download limit isn’t appealing, and neither is having your connection shaped. What you need is a plan with no download caps. We’ve rounded up all the unlimited broadband deals for Australian Internet users.

The Basic Guide To Troubleshooting Windows Problems
Your Windows PC might be designed to make your life easier, but they often have a non-stop list of problems. Today we’ll walk through some of the more common problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Top 10 Exercise And Fitness Tips And Tools
You can do a lot of things with your mind and a computer, but you get a lot more out of life by keeping your body honed, too. Here are our favourite exercise tips, along with tools for tracking your fitness.

Without A Trace: Turn Your Flash Drive Into A Portable Privacy Toolkit
Whether you’re trying to increase your security at an internet cafe, tunnel your way to your home computer from your cubicle, or leave no trace on your friend’s borrowed computer, a flash drive turned portable privacy toolkit is invaluable.

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