Lunchtime Wrap: Ultimate USB Tested & Mobile To-Dos

Lunchtime Wrap: Ultimate USB Tested & Mobile To-Dos

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Monday? Find out how Ultimate USB wireless broadband performs nationwide and which mobile to-do apps do the best job.

Testing Telstra Ultimate Wireless Broadband Over Four States
For the past week, I’ve been testing Telstra’s Ultimate Broadband across a large chunk of the Eastern states. The conclusion? It’s delivered some impressive results, but it hasn’t yet threatened to get close to its claimed typical download speed of 20Mbps.

Five Best Mobile To-Do List Managers
Managing to-dos from your desktop has its perks, but being able to carry that to-do list in your pocket is even better. Here’s a look at Lifehacker readers’ five favourite mobile to-do list managers.

Directory Select Lets You Cancel Telephone Directories
This is very welcome but long overdue: a web site that lets you opt out of receiving telephone directories. Be honest now, when was the last time you used your White Pages or Yellow Pages in print format?

Internode’s Terabyte Plan Has No Peak Times, High Prices
Internode has joined the recent flood of terabyte download limit plans, adding itself to iiNet, iPrimus and TPG. It’s the only one of those plans not to distinguish between peak and off-peak usage, but at a minimum of $149.95 a month, it’s not the cheapest option around.

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