Lunchtime Wrap: Store Brand Food & Google Instant

Lunchtime Wrap: Store Brand Food & Google Instant

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Thursday? Find out how store-brand foods can taste better and how to get access to Google’s new Instant search before it hits Australia.

Store Brand Foods Can Actually Taste Better
During Lifehacker’s Mastercheap experiment, I reached the conclusion that house brand foods were often indistinguishable from their mainstream counterparts, despite only costing half as much. A cross-brand comparison by Choice goes one step further and suggests that in some categories store-brand products actually taste better than their big-brand rivals.

How To Access Google Instant From Australia
Google’s new Instant Search looks pretty impressive, but isn’t officially available on Google’s Australian domain right now. Here’s some tricks to get it working.

Off The Rails Day 1: Software Blues
Welcome to Off The Rails, where I’m venturing along the north coast of NSW on a cheap rail pass to see just how well 3G broadband in general (and Telstra’s Next G network in particular) perform on the go and outside capital cities. After the first day, I’m wondering whether the software that drives the process is going to be up to the task.

SeePU Monitors Android CPU, Memory, Network Utilisation
Like traditional utilisation meters for desktop computers, SeePU offers you a peak into your Android phone’s heavy lifting with CPU, memory and network monitoring.

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