Lunchtime Wrap: Misheard Phrases & Better Passwords

Lunchtime Wrap: Misheard Phrases & Better Passwords

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Wednesday? Learn which phrases you’ve been misspelling for years and how to effectively manage multiple unique passwords.

Ten Misheard Expressions To Avoid In Your Writing
Anyone can make a typo or a spelling mistake, and fixing those is pretty easy in the spellcheck era. If you want your writing totally error-free, you also need to avoid using expressions which you think you’re using correctly but which you’ve actually misheard. Here’s ten examples to watch out for.

How To Update Your Insecure Passwords, Make Them Easy To Use
You know how important strong passwords are, but you’ve got a huge backlog of passwords — some you can’t remember, others you’ve been using for years. Here’s how to securely update, create and manage your passwords on any computer.

Why Updating Your Smart Phone OS Is A Myth
Smart phones are more and more like computers every day, but the odds of successfully upgrading the operating system on your phone are a lot lower than they are on a PC. You might as well resign yourself to it now: the OS that’s on your shiny new phone now is probably going to stay on there until you buy a new device.

What’s The Best Way To Sync Extensions Across Computers In Firefox?
Dear Lifehacker, I’m a die-hard Firefox user, but now that Chrome’s stable release features extension syncing, I’m really frustrated with my reliable little ‘fox. What options do I have if I want to sync my extensions but prefer to stick with Firefox?

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