Lunchtime Wrap: & TV Network Woes

Lunchtime Wrap: & TV Network Woes

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Tuesday? Learn how to build your own landing page and why we hate TV networks so much.

Make And Host Your Own Customised Landing Page
Personal landing sites like are really popular right now, but we prefer more complete control over what Google has to say about us. Here’s a Lifehacker-made, easily customisable, open-source solution that you can place on any server and have running in minutes.

Viewers Feel TV Networks Are Untrustworthy Morons
The nature of broadcasting is evolving rapidly in the Internet era, but there’s one constant: viewers are sick and tired of being treated with contempt by the major Australian TV networks.

Xmarks Bookmark Syncing Shutting Down In January 2011
Xmarks, the bookmark syncing service formerly known as Foxmarks, announced today it will close its doors and delete its users’ data on January 10, 2011. There are other browser syncing services, but none with the cross-browser popularity of Xmarks.

Make A Standing Desk From A Filing Cabinet Drawer
The standing desk is a constant topic of discussion here at Lifehacker. Reader Luke was inspired by the potential ergonomic benefits to try one of the simplest possible standing desk approaches: resting your keyboard on an extended filing cabinet drawer.

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