Lunchtime Wrap: DVD Sorting & Laptop Wiping

Lunchtime Wrap: DVD Sorting & Laptop Wiping

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Tuesday? Learn how to organise your physical media and the best ways to clear your work laptop when you change jobs.

Getting Your Physical Media Organised
You can get a world of entertainment streamed through your Internet connection, but most of us still have DVDs and CDs and console games to store. What are the best approaches to keeping that stuff organised?

What Should I Do To My Work Laptop Before I Leave My Job?
Dear Lifehacker, I’ll be leaving my job soon and will have to turn in my work laptop. How can I get my laptop sparkling clean so I can preserve my privacy and don’t run afoul of IT or any corporate policies?

Must-Have In-Car Items For Lifehacker Readers
Our recent post about must-have items to keep in your car stirred up a lot of comments from readers. Here’s the five most useful suggestions that popped up.

How To Avoid Friend Spam On Facebook
With Facebook’s ever-growing popularity, it’s not surprising that fake accounts are after your online friendship. Here are some tips for detecting and avoiding friend spam.

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