Lunchtime Wrap: Coworking Spaces & SSID Security

Lunchtime Wrap: Coworking Spaces & SSID Security

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Tuesday? Learn how to create a home working space and why trying to hide your wireless SSID is a waste of time.

How To Create A Home Coworking Space On The Cheap
Home offices are great, but if life gets a little lonely working by yourself, you might want to consider turning your workspace into a coworking environment. Here’s how to do it in a tiny space for hardly any money.

Is Hiding Your Wireless SSID Really More Secure?
Seems like every guide to securing your wireless network tells you to keep your SSID from broadcasting to make your network more secure, but is that really worthwhile? Let’s take a look at one of the silliest myths out there.

TechLines: Ways To Get Your Email Under Control
The rules for workplace email may still be evolving, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t useful principles to follow when you’re trying to deal with an overloaded inbox. Here’s some ideas from our recent TechLines panel broadcast.

Have You Got Enough Televisions Already?
Television sales in Australia in 2009 were worth more than $3.2 billion. We’re currently seeing 3D TV spruiked as the latest reason to upgrade, but do those numbers indicate that we don’t really need a new television for a while?

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