Lunchtime Wrap: Apple TV & Android Home Screens

Lunchtime Wrap: Apple TV & Android Home Screens

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Thursday? Learn what’s missing in Apple TV for Australian users and which Android home screen app will best meet your needs.

Aussies Still Can’t Rent TV On The Apple TV
The emphasis in the newly updated and miniaturised Apple TV is all about renting media. However, despite its name, for users in Australia, media only equals movies, and for that reason it’s a somewhat less appealing upgrade.

Battle Of The Android Home Screen Launchers: ADW Vs LauncherPro Vs HelixLauncher
Many Android devices ship with a default home screen launcher that, frankly, kind of sucks. The good news? You can install a new launcher offering better shortcuts, more home screens and extra configuration options. Here’s the lowdown on the most popular options.

What Not To Sell When You’re Done Spring Cleaning
The most obvious upside to a bout of spring cleaning is psychological: it’s easier to get things done and you don’t feel so oppressed by clutter. But getting rid of usable-to-others-but-useless-to-you stuff can also be a handy way of getting some extra cash. The trick is to know what not to sell.

Stretching Before Running Does No Good, But Don’t Stop Right Away
Stretching, especially the static reach-and-hold kind we’ve previously suggested was all wrong, had virtually no effect on injury prevention in a study of 1400 runners, ages 13 to over 60. Not only that, but stretching could actually hurt your workout.

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