Lunchtime Wrap: Android Phones & Stolen Goods

Lunchtime Wrap: Android Phones & Stolen Goods

Didn’t catch Lifehacker over the weekend? Find out the best Android outright buys and how to make sure your lost or stolen gear gets recovered.

Planhacker: Outright Android Purchase Deals
There’s more choice of Android models in the Australian market than ever before, and many of them can be purchased outright rather than tying you to a contract. Here’s our roundup of all the local deals.

Top 10 Strategies For Getting Back Your Lost Or Stolen Stuff
Nobody plans to lose their gadgets, but anybody can make a few moves ahead of time to up their chances of getting their stuff back, whether with the help of good-natured finders or subtle tracking tools. Here are our favourite post-theft tools.

A Case For Singletasking: The One-Task-At-A-Time Method
You juggle a lot of balls every day, and it’s easy to feel like everything gets 20 per cent of your attention, but nothing ever gets 100 per cent. It’s time to start giving your work your full focus.

Nine’s GEM Launch Delayed By Technical Hitch
Nine’s plans to launch its third channel GEM one day ahead of Seven’s third channel 7Mate appear to have backfired, with TV Tonight reporting that the channel now won’t launch until this Sunday at 6am because of technical difficulties.

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