Lunchtime Wrap: 3G Broadband & Tax Returns

Lunchtime Wrap: 3G Broadband & Tax Returns

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Monday? Learn why early tax return submission can backfire and how 3G broadband really stacks up in rural areas.

The Issue With 3G Broadband Is Its Unpredictability
Off The Rails has a pretty clear lessen so far: The further north in NSW you head on a train, the less likely it is that Next G wireless broadband will work effectively. And when it does, the performance is anything but guaranteed.

Lodging Early May Not Speed Up Your Tax Return
The latest set of figures from the ATO on tax return processing reinforce a key lesson from this year for early bird lodgers: if you want your tax return back in a hurry, you may be better off waiting for a month first.

Nine’s New Digital Channel GEM Aims At Women
I guess it was kind of predictable: Seven’s third digital channel 7Mate targets men, so Nine’s forthcoming third channel, GEM, will target women.

DIY Detachable Smartphone Macro Lens
If you don’t feel like permanently altering your phone with a macro lens, hacker Thomas shows us how to make a detachable one using a lens from mini binoculars.

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