Last Week's Top Ten Posts

You wanted better spelling, fast access to Google instant and ludicrously comprehensive 3G broadband testing. Kick off your week by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Ten Misheard Expressions To Avoid In Your Writing
    Anyone can make a typo or a spelling mistake, and fixing those is pretty easy in the spellcheck era. If you want your writing totally error-free, you also need to avoid using expressions which you think you’re using correctly but which you’ve actually misheard. Here are ten examples to watch out for.
  2. How To Access Google Instant From Australia
    Google’s new Instant Search looks pretty impressive, but isn’t officially available on Google’s Australian domain right now. Here’s some tricks to get it working.
  3. Testing Telstra Ultimate Wireless Broadband Over Four States
    For the past week, I’ve been testing Telstra’s Ultimate Broadband across a large chunk of the Eastern states. The conclusion? It’s delivered some impressive results, but it hasn’t yet threatened to get close to its claimed typical download speed of 20Mbps.
  4. Why Updating Your Smart Phone OS Is A Myth
    Smart phones are more and more like computers every day, but the odds of successfully upgrading the operating system on your phone are a lot lower than they are on a PC. You might as well resign yourself to it now: the OS that’s on your shiny new phone now is probably going to stay on there until you buy a new device.
  5. Five Things You Can Get On With Now The Election Is Over
    It’s been an interesting 17 days, but Election 2010 is more or less officially over with the news that a coalition of Labor, the Greens and three independents will, at least for now, be in control of the Federal Government. Whether you’re ecstatic or despondent, breathe out and then get on with the rest of your life. To help that process, here’s some projects to fill your time now that you’re not following every political move on Twitter.
  6. Five Best Mobile To-Do List Managers
    Managing to-dos from your desktop has its perks, but being able to carry that to-do list in your pocket is even better. Here’s a look at Lifehacker readers’ five favourite mobile to-do list managers.
  7. Starting From Scratch: Step-By-Step Guide To Reinstalling Your OS
    If your computer’s running slowly, and you’ve tried everything else, it might be time for a fresh install of your operating system. Here are some tips, tricks and best practices to get through the process quickly and easily.
  8. Aussie Extensions For Chrome Rounded Up
    The arrival of extensions into Chrome was a major step in making it a credible alternative to Firefox. To mark last week’s Chrome 6 release, which includes extension syncing, Google’s local blog has rounded up some Australia-centric extensions that could prove useful.
  9. Top 10 Exercise And Fitness Tips And Tools
    You can do a lot of things with your mind and a computer, but you get a lot more out of life by keeping your body honed, too. Here are our favourite exercise tips, along with tools for tracking your fitness.
  10. Store Brand Foods Can Actually Taste Better
    During Lifehacker’s Mastercheap experiment, I reached the conclusion that house brand foods were often indistinguishable from their mainstream counterparts, despite only costing half as much. A cross-brand comparison by Choice goes one step further and suggests that in some categories store-brand products actually taste better than their big-brand rivals.


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