Keep Your Computer Cool And Quiet With Regular Cleaning

We've gone through how to evacuate PC dust bunnies before, but tech video blog NCIX shows us how to do it, step by step, through the magic of video.

The video isn't brand new, but removing dust bunnies from your computer is a timeless art, and if you've got an older computer that has gotten hotter, noisier,and less reliable over time, giving the insides a good cleaning could do a lot of good. It'll make your fan work quieter, more effectively and spare some of your circuitry from shorts and overheating. All you need is a screwdriver and a can of compressed air. Check out the video to see how it's done, and hit the MakeUseOf link below for more tips on keeping your computer run cool and quiet.

PC Cleaning Tips / Removing Dustbunnies [NCIX Tech Tips via MakeUseOf]


    Can you use a vacuum cleaner instead to suck out the air?
    And where do you buy a can of compressed air?

      I wouldn't recommend using a vacuum cleaner, as it generates static electricity (I'm not expert in the field, but this has always been the advice given to me).

      You should be able to find compressed air at most "tech" hobby stores. I know Dick Smith in Oz stocks it, but you'll have to hunt around.

        I haven't found any in tech or hardware stores around the Central Coast area in the las year or so, any other suggestions?

        Officeworks and Jarcar both carry compressed air cans (in Melbourne at least).

      Just take it to your local service station and use the type pump.

      I'm kidding btw. Air compressors generally have a bit of water in their tanks from condensation, best to avoid unless you have a good filter.

    Quick and easy one if you dont mind going for a drive...

    Go to your nearest servo and make use of their tyre air facilities... compressed air and very quick to clean out the dust bunnies.

    *NB* hold the nosel at a distance from the insides, especially fans as the compressor pushes the air out at high pressure and you could damage a fan.

    Alternatively, it wont get rid of all the dust bunnies but good old lung power and an earbud work well too.

    I run a PC support business and have a few tips not covered here:

    1) Use compressed air cans as they are least likely to cause static and condensation

    2) When spraying hold the can upright to avoid condensation problems (water spray from inside can)

    3) Be very careful when spraying your RAM chips as they can be especially vulnerable to static

    4) Clean every 2 months or so (adjust for how often your PC runs) and you'll have much less work each time

    5) Place your PC up on a desk (off the floor) for less dust to collect

    6) Remember that the fan system inside your PC works by air flow from the front fan to the back and side exhaust fans

    All the best! :d

    - DEANO

    Just experience, do not spin the fans up with the compressed air. Its fun at the time but you will force dust into the bearing and the fans will become noisy or fail a lot quicker. Hold them still while blowing the dust out.

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