Is Your Head Too Small For 3D Glasses?

My objection to 3D TV and movies is that I feel nauseous the second I put the glasses on, which isn't easily fixed. Apparently lots of other people have a different problem: they can't keep the glasses on because they're too big.

At a Sony press launch in Sydney today (which also covered the arrival of the Reader e-book device in Australia), Sony's Craig Jackson revealed a frequent complaint about the company's existing 3D TVs was that the glasses were too large for many people.

"We will have smaller size 3D glasses for people with smaller heads," he said, promising a pre-Christmas launch. The glasses won't be aimed at kids (let's face it, who wants to pay for fancy 3D glasses that get outgrown?), but could be just the thing for anyone with a more compact noggin.

We don't have pricing or a release date yet, but it got me wondering: have you had issues with trying to find 3D glasses that fit? Share your experiences (and any potential solutions) in the comments.


    I would embrace 3D a little more if I could retrofit a pair of 3D glasses onto my existing glasses. Oh, and if 3D wasn't a gimmick. That too.

    I feel sorry for you people with small heads - what about the large amount of the population with single vision - 3D is totally lost on me - can't even go to a large number of movies anymore

    Glasses too big?

    At least in the cinemas, I have the opposite problem. The glasses are too small to comfortably fit over my existing glasses and my fat head.


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