How Twitter Can Help Clear Clutter

How Twitter Can Help Clear Clutter

We’ve mentioned using Twitter as a means to stay on track for weight loss before. It can also be a handy way to make sure you stick to a clutter-clearing program.

Ebook blogger and friend of Lifehacker Charlotte Harper has decided to deal with her “bibliomania” (that is, an unhealthily large number of books around the place) by documenting her culling efforts on Twitter, using the hash tag #mygreatbigbookcull. Charlotte’s assigned herself three weeks for the task, which is enough time to get the job done while also dealing with the inevitable side-tracking that happens when you go through piles of books and newspapers.

Even if you don’t have a particular focus on one kind of clutter, using Twitter to make your efforts public can help you stay on track. Having a deadline is still useful, but a little nagging from your social networks can make it simpler to reach that goal.

Bibliomania, or my great big book cull [ebookish]


  • A little nagging (well, a reminder that people are watching the tweets via a Lifehacker post) from an old friend helps keep the decluttering on track too. The deadline is a week away now and I am about a sixth of the way there. Not looking good for the house inspection! Thanks Angus and apologies Zac, I find ridiculous hashtags annoying too.

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