How To Start A Fire Using Nothing But IKEA Home Furnishings

Imagine, if you will, a situation occurring where you're hiking in Sweden and have forgotten the necessary tools to start a fire. Suddenly an IKEA looms overhead, and while they don't sell matches or lighters, an idea comes to you...

Dutch visual artist Helmut Smits has imagined just that scenario with his FLAMMA work. Otherwise known as how to hack IKEA, starting a fire with a coathanger, knife, rope, napkins, decorative wooden flower arrangement and... a wine rack?

True, there may be cheaper ways to make a fire, but none are as inventive as Smits's work in the video below. [Helmut Smits via Core77]

Republished from Gizmodo.


    Man vs IKEA.

    Perhaps IKEA should adapt the Beatles for their jingle:

    I started a fire
    Isn't it good
    Swedish wood...

    Yeah, sorry.

    useful, if I get stranded on a desert island, I just hop there will be an Ikea nearby ... (and an iphone to rewatch the video)

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