How To Make An Inexpensive Wi-Fi Radio

Want a Wi-Fi radio that can play just about any audio source and you can control from your smartphone? Here's how to make one.

In the video above, Tinkernut shows us how to take an Asus WL-520GU router and a USB sound card to make a Wi-Fi radio for under $US50. The process described uses Windows, but if you want to use a different OS, you can follow the instructions over at MightyOhm instead. There are a lot of steps, but overall this isn't too difficult a hack. You just take install custom firmware on the router, change and install some files, and set up an application called Ario on your PC. You don't have to use Ario, however. Your choice of MPD client will work just fine, and you can find one for pretty much any OS or smartphone in this listing.

How To Make A Cheap WiFi Radio [Tinkernut]


    Another great idea from the comments on that page:

    "It’s a little bit complex for just listening music with a Jack’s plug. Why do you not use Bluetooth technology ? With a mobile phone Headset you cut the wire just before the loudspeaker and you place a female Jack plug. Everything is already configured you just have to connect your computer or your phone with the modify mobile phone headset and play music :)"

    not sure if posted b4
    Cheaper and easier:

      bluetooth doesn't compare to home wireless audio. hugh difference.

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