How To Access Google Instant From Australia

Google's new Instant Search looks pretty impressive, but isn't officially available on Google's Australian domain right now. Here's some tricks to get it working

As with most Google online products, Google Instant is being rolled out gradually across its operations, so even some US users on the main domain haven't yet got access and may not see it for a couple of days.

Google said in a press announcement this morning that it "hopes" the service will be added to the Australian site "in the coming weeks", but advises: "People outside the US will be able to use Instant Search through" In practice, your success is likely to vary even if you try this. I raised this with Google, which says the service should be available via the .com site down under "in the coming days".

Two possible strategies might help you get there quicker. Firstly, make sure that you're signed into your Google account before attempting to access the main site. Going to will normally take you to the site if you're on an Australian internet connection, so click on the 'Go to' link to access the US site. (Update: the direct address for that option is, as mikelorant pointed out to me on Twitter.)

The second possibility is to use the address for searching instead. This isn't guaranteed either — I haven't managed to get it working from Lifehacker HQ — but it's worth a try. If you do get access, check out our guide to Instant's keyboard shortcuts.


    Hi Angus,

    It's possible to trigger Google Instant from Australia with no hacks -- just a Firefox Extension called Google Global.

    See here:

    The link worked for me.. it's pretty sweet.

    Yeah,... I'm a hunt and peck typist, so I doubt it's gonna work too well for me,... or wait,... thats a good thing right?? worked perfectly! amazing..

      Yep, that one worked for me, too. It's pretty impressive.

    No hacks needed, simply click the "Web" link from the top of your Gmail page.

    (assuming you're a Gmail user, but, who isn't?)

      Like all these tips, it's very much luck of the draw -- just tried that Gmail approach and still got the old search interface.

    @ Angus - Try using Google DNS +

    It's worked on all the connections I have tried :)

    Then you can put it in your article :D


    or if the above doesn't work, go to and click 'Try it now'

      . . . which, like every option listed here, may or may not work.

    It's working now on the AU domain.

    Im trying and it's not working. Time to upgrade my browser and also the internet in perth is very slow. I tryed it with solar power on brothers comp and it worked and yes porn diddnt wor either, Understandable!

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