How Many Photos Do You Take A Month?

According to the Canon Consumer Digital Lifestyle Index, the average Australian takes 111 photos a month. Where do you rank on that scale?

Although that sounds like a lot of images, it only averages out to around 4 a day — something which I manage myself most of the time even though my photography skills are pronouncedly average (despite Lifehacker's excellent advice) and I don't have many of the typical incentives to take lots of photos (kids, attractive partner, stunning workplace views). How closely do you hew to the average? Tell us in the comments.


    So far this year an average of 1400 photos a month. But then again I was doing a 365 challenge (finished the end of August) which meant at least one photo per day.

    But the camera goes everywhere with me - as per your post earlier in the day you just never know when you're going to spot something fun/interesting to take a photo of.

    I take around 10 a month. I'm not really a camera person. :>

    62, on average. None most days, lots when I'm on holidays (but not every day, even then).

    Around 600 a week currently, but that's mainly due to me doing a photo a week project (to become a better photographer).

    Where did they take these statistics from? The university of photography?

    For the last four years, in just the photos I've kept, not taken, I average about 2 per day.

    Since January 1, I have averaged 1240 a month. And, no, I am not a professional - just a very keen amateur intent on improving my skills :-).

    I've bought my Canon 400D almost 3 years ago. Since them took around 30,000 photos (according to photo file IDs), So, 30000/(365*3) equates to 27 images per day or 810 per month, on average.

    With digital camera, decent flash card and spare batteries (I've got three) you can make as many shoots as you want and review them on your computer afterwards. Maybe only from 1 to 3 percent of them will be added to my photo collection.

    Also if you take macro photos or try to catch the moment you may easily shoot 100s of photos within an hour.

    >> Where did they take these statistics from?
    >> The university of photography?

    I think they collect it from Canon service centres. Every camera records how many pictures was taken for service purposes.

      Nice theory, but that data is based on surveying people.

    Wow, I take maybe, at a stretch, 10 photos in a month. Most of these are things like timetables, maps and open hours, which I take to save the time of transcribing.

    I stopped counting this year after 100,000 and replacing a camera...

    I've stepped up a little this year, so far in 2010 I've shot approximately 14000 shots (at least according to my lightroom catalogue).

    So about 1400 a month.

      Thanks for boosting the average for everyone, cause I basically take 1 picture per month.

        I do what I can ;)

    wuth kids events (bday, sporting, parties, etc...) happening just about every weekend, I avg ~2k/wk... with a keeper rate if <20%... (should be <10% if I wasn't so damn sentimental, and strict from a pure photography standpoint)

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