How Do You Keep Your Laptop Trackpad And Keyboard Oil-Free?

Our hands aren't the epitome of cleanliness, and they're all over our laptops. Computer cleaning products we've tried can't cut through the layers of finger oil, so we turn to you. How do you keep your laptop's exterior squeaky clean?

We're not talking about blowing dirt and dust out of your keyboard or wiping off a little stain, but the most persistent and subtle of all messes: the human hand/body oil that builds up, day after day, on our keyboards and trackpads. Traditional computer cleaners don't cut it, and it's a little expensive to replace your laptop's top case every time the build-up gets a little heavy. So how do you remove the oil? Is it a cleaner or a special technique? Maybe it's magic. Whatever it is, let's hear your solutions.


    Face wipes work wonder, as they are alcohol free, they obviously leave the trackpad slightly moist, but then you wipe the excess moisture with a tissue and youre done! =D. Anti bacteria wipes also do the trick really really well!

      I'll have to respectfully disagree with ya' on this one, Stan. In fact, if I didn't know better (which I actually don't), I might be lead to believe your suggestions were a joke.

      You suggest the use of "Face wipes..." because they are alcohol free. Presumably, you mean acne treatment-type face wipes/pads. These wipes DO often contain alcohol, and/or other potentially harmful chemicals (benzoil peroxide, etc.....).
      I suppose I WOULD agree that these type of wipes would be excellent at removing dirt and oil, as that is EXACTLY what they are designed to do..... On a person's skin. However, one might imagine that using them to clean a computer's delicate/sensitive track pad & monitor, might cause hazing of the monitor-screen and/or damage to the track pad.

      Additionally, I would DEFINITELY NOT suggest using anti-bacteria wipes! They almost ALWAYS contain alcohol as the MAIN ingredient. That's what kills the bacteria— ALCOHOL!

      Please tell me you were joking(???!!!)


    I use a chux magic eraser. Makes it look like new.

      magic erasers are win. will keep this in mind thx!

      Don't go too hard with the magic eraser - the first time I used one was on a wall to remove a mark and ended up removing paint.

    I fight oil with oil - a tissue with a drop of tea tree essential oil works well. Just don't use it on your screen!


      Tea Tree Oil is a gift sent from the heavens for the cleaning of laptop keys.

      It has the added benefit of making the laptop smell like new again as well!

    I've covered my laptop's trackpad in contact paper, the clear plastic wrapping commonly used for protecting school textbooks. It does protect it, but it also increases friction. I also covered the lower panel below the keyboard that normally collects fingerprints, as well as the lid, and that works nicely.

    Little molded rubber protectors (what I like to call 'keyboard condoms') are about $1.50 on eBay. They just sit atop your keyboard, et cetera. When they get dirty you can slip them off and try and wash them, or just throw them out and buy a new one. Works better for MacBooks probably, with a more standard keyboard configuration you're more likely to find a specifically molded protector.

    I use a glasses cloth and spray which i got with my glasses. It also is handy for removing any fingerprints from the lid (which is a problem when you have a black Asus) and also really good on the trackpad and screen.

    Vodka works surprisingly well - one for me, one for the laptop...

    I use a damp microfibre cloth. Available from $2 shops. They're good for cleaning everything.

    You can wrap your laptop with cling wrap. I know it sounds weird but it actually works suprisingly well. Open the lid of the laptop as much as you can and start wrapping it with the cling wrap. Be sure to wrap it around at least 7 or 8 times. Cut holes where the air vents are (on the side and bottom)

    Me and my friends in middle school used to joke that Windex was the universal agent solution for everything. We would say "Put some Windex on it". I was experimenting of ways to get the finger prints off my laptop and when I tried Windex it worked!

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