Hang Your PC Tower On The Wall To Save Floor Space

One of the drawbacks of using a desktop PC is that the tower takes up a lot of space on your floor. If you don't have room to spare, you can hang it on the wall with an inexpensive, sturdy rack.

DIY hacker Antonios bought a 2.5 Euro hat rack and found that it was strong enough to hold his PC tower, so he screwed it to the wall and put his tower above his workspace. Obviously, this won't work for everyone. If you use your optical drive often, you don't want to be reaching up there all the time, but that's about it—in this age of wireless peripherals and keyboards with free USB ports, you probably don't need access to your tower that much. Hit the link to see more.

No Space for PC, Let's Hang it Up on the Wall [IKEA Hacker]


    Yeah,... That's fine, but make sure it's solid cos I can see it being very frustrating if it starts to vibrate. A buzzing chassis is one of my pet hates.! Fortunately my current Antec is pretty solid :)

    i love having to stand on a chair whenever i turn my computer on, put in a flash drive, or put in a cd.

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