Google Maps Android Updates Include Street View Smart Navigation

Google Maps Android Updates Include Street View Smart Navigation

Google made its Maps application for Android even more useful today, adding walking navigation and navigation of Street View with a drag-and-drop Pegman, just like on the desktop.

Google already had walking directions built in to the Maps app, but they’ve added those directions to the turn-by-turn navigation portion of Android, allowing you to use pedestrian paths and other sometimes easier routes than driving navigation would give you. They’ve also included the Street View smart navigation that we’re used to on the desktop. As shown in the above video, you can now enter Street View and navigate through it by dragging and dropping Pegman to different locations on the screen.

Among these larger updates, Google also added the search bar to the top of the main Maps window, so you no longer need to hit the search button every time you open maps. The bar will not only search maps, but open Places, use the Layers menu or instantly zoom in on your location. Hit the link for a full rundown of the new features, and head to the Market to download the update.

Maps is a free download for Android devices.

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  • I loaded street view apps by google and it is stuck on my phone if you read the android reviews you will see the same thing has happened to many others can you guide me to a website for help?

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