Gmail Android App Updates, Must Be Downloaded Manually

Android: We recently featured an early Gmail update to Android, and today that update was officially released with a few extra features.

Not only do you have the movable header that includes quick reply buttons, but it also includes limited Priority Inbox support. If you hit Menu and go to the Labels section of the app, you'll notice the "Important" label is now viewable, so you can view messages Gmail has deemed important. This update is also the first Gmail update that isn't connected to an OS update, which means to install it, you'll need to head to the Market and download it manually (after which all further updates will come through the Market like other apps). Hit the link to read more, and the QR code to download the update on your phone is below. [Official Google Mobile Blog]


    got frustrated not being able to find it before reading on the blog that it's for 2.2 Froyo only.

      Now we just have to wait for telco's like Telstra to update our Android phones to 2.2 - HTC Desire got 2.2 in England 3 months ago and it still is nowhere in sight for Australia/Telstra, and no comment from either HTC or Telstra. Very frustrating for those who don't want to lose their warranty by rooting and upgrading to a cooked ROM...

        Yep, I'm pissed with Telstra, first 2.2 update was end of August, then 15th of September, now its sometime in October... yeah I'll believe that when I see it...

        Telstra if you are going to commit to making a HTC device your flagship phone how about a little freaking support!!!

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