Getting Things Done In The Laundry Room

Getting Things Done In The Laundry Room

When floor space is at a premium people can be remarkably clever at finding the room to carve out a workspace. Today’s featured workspace is stylish, boldly coloured, and parked right next to a high efficiency washer and dryer.

Lifehacker reader David Oh wanted an office that was secluded from the rest of his loft living space and had a door he could shut. He found a spot to get work done in a rather non-traditional space.

When I moved into my place, one of the challenges was to find a separate room in my loft for working and computing. The only place that was secluded was the laundry room, which only measures about 67 inches wide, certainly enough for a washer and dryer side by side but not enough for a traditional desk.

The challenge was finding a narrow enough desk that did not block the door way and door so i could still close the door if needed but was also wide enough to accomodate all my needs.

I eventually found a CB2 desk that measured 21 inches by 55 inches that fit EXACTLY into the space provided. For a while I had the extra monitor vertically mounted into the wall, but I liked the ability to vertically adjust the position with the stock desk mount provided.

Check out the gallery below to get a closer look at his workspace.

Getting Things Done in the Laundry Room [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]

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