From The Tips Box: Laptop Contact Info, Lost Smart Phones

From The Tips Box: Laptop Contact Info, Lost Smart Phones

Readers offer their best tips for displaying your contact information on your laptop and finding your misplaced smart phone

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Add Your Contact Info as Your Windows Password Hint

Brandt lets us know a way to display your contact info in your laptop:

If you ever lose your laptop or forget it somewhere, it would be nice for the finder to know who to contact to return it (if the laptop is in the right hands). A good way to do that (with Windows Vista/7 at least) is to put your phone number as the password hint. That way your laptop gets returned without your personal info getting compromised.

Use Gmail’s IP-Tracking as a Cheap Find My iPhone

Amstudtzd1 shares a quick method to finding out where you left your smart phone:

If you ever lose your iPod, keep checking Gmail’s IP-tracking feature. Once the iPod is connected to WiFi, it will connect to Gmail to download email and will show you the IP address. This may help you determine if it is in your house, left on a college campus, etc.

Use Oven Mitts for Easy, Burn-Free Grill Cleaning

Photo by Joe Shlabotnik.

Sweetmonkey shares some clever uses for silicone oven mitts:

Silicone oven mitts are good for a lot more than taking things out of the oven. Immediately after I take meat off the grill (and am finished grilling for the day), I put on the gloves and take a wet, soft scrub pad to the grill. This is a lot more effective than using one of the wire brushes and it’s at least as quick. One key, though, is to start from the back so the steam doesn’t burn you. This also works for anything else that’s too hot to touch, like cleaning a pot or pan with really hot water.


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