From The Tips Box: Android Memory, Mail-In Rebates, Garbage Days

From The Tips Box: Android Memory, Mail-In Rebates, Garbage Days

Readers offer their best tips for freeing up hard drive space on your Android phone, keeping track of mail-in rebates and remembering to take out the trash before it’s too late.

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Clear Your Gmail Cache to Free Up Space in Android

Kyle KP Perkins lets us know how to free up space on our Android phones:

If your Android phone keeps running out of space, and you can’t get rid of any necessary applications, consider clearing the cache of your Gmail. My phone kept saying “Low Space” at 17.5MB even after I uninstalled just about everything I had. I cleared my Gmail cache, and it freed up about 30MB of space—plenty of room to install more stuff (and the stuff I lost), and no more “Low Space” warning.

This will wipe your current Gmail messages from your phone, but give it 10 minutes, and you’re back in business.

To clear your Gmail cache, just open up the Settings app and go to Applications > Manage Applications. Find Gmail and hit the “Clear cache” button. My cache wasn’t very large, but I imagine if you sync a lot of messages and use the Gmail app a lot, it may be more sizeable.

Spend Mail-In Rebates Right Away on Gift Cards

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Pasha tells us how he saves himself from keeping track of rebate cards:

Mail-in rebates have gotten a lot more cumbersome these past few years. On top of remembering to mail in the form and waiting for three month you now have to deal with a debit card. When I got a $US10 rebate card, instead of sticking it in my wallet and keeping track of the balance I simply purchased myself a $US10 gift-card on and immediately redeemed the balance. Since I buy something from that site at least once a month, I have one less thing to carry in wallet and one less account to track.

Remember the Day Before Garbage Day, Not the Day Of

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Wjglenn shares how he remembers to take out the trash and recycling:

Around here, the city collects trash on Monday and recycling on Thursday. A few weeks ago, my wife was poking fun at me because I always remember to put the trash out Sunday night, but always forget to put the recycling out Wednesday night.

I got to thinking about why I remembered one and not the other. The next Sunday, as I was taking out the trash, it dawned on me.

I don’t associate Monday with trash day. For me, Sunday night is trash night. But I did always associate Thursday with recycling day and when Thursday hit, I remembered (usually too late) about the recycling bin.

I readjusted to think of Wednesday night as recycling night (and thus associate Wednesday with recycling instead of Thursday).

Haven’t missed a day since.

Now, I’m on the alert for other little adjustments like that I can make in my life.

Differentiate Between Shared and Owned Calendars in Google Calendar

Mister Cow Pnoy shares an interesting Google Calendar discovery:

I just noticed that when viewing calendars in Day or Week view in Google Calendar, that calendars that belong to you have rounded corners, and “other calendars” have squared ones. I don’t know how it can help most people, but I’m sure to someone, this might help deciphering which event is yours and which is shared with you.

If you only have a few calendars, colours will help you distinguish between all of them, but if you have quite a few, this is one more thing on the list that helps differentiate them from one another.

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