Five Things You Can Get On With Now The Election Is Over

It's been an interesting 17 days, but Election 2010 is more or less officially over with the news that a coalition of Labor, the Greens and three independents will, at least for now, be in control of the Federal Government. Whether you're ecstatic or despondent, breathe out and then get on with the rest of your life. To help that process, here's some projects to fill your time now that you're not following every political move on Twitter.

From a technology perspective, there have been two key issues in this election: Internet filtering and the National Broadband Network. With the Greens controlling the Senate from July, we're unlikely to see the former, and with the NBN cited as a key factor for the two independents who have granted Labor a minority government, we're probably going to get the latter.

But all of that will be covered elsewhere. Here's five ideas from the Lifehacker archives for projects you can get on with now that the election is (more or less) done and dusted.

5. Learn how to download torrents anonymously

Faster Internet will make it more tempting to access peer-to-peer content, but that won't make it any more legal. If you're planning on forging ahead with downloads anyway, check out some options for keeping your IP address hidden from the world.

4. Reinstall your operating system

Even if much of your computing is done in the cloud, reinstalling your operating system can eliminate performance issues — and that applies whether you're a Windows-head, a Mac lover or a Linux guru. Read through our guide to getting ready for a fresh install and make your computer sing.

3. Get on with the spring cleaning

Our Spring Cleaning Week was last week, but the month is still young. Check out our guide to clutter clearing and our other tips, and reap the benefits of an organised, stress-free home.

2. Build a Hackintosh

It's geeky and it's fiddly, but getting the Mac experience on a piece of hardware you've assembled yourself is also the ultimate hacker thrill. Dive into our comprehensive guide to building yourself a Hackintosh.

1. Install all the software in our Lifehacker Packs

No matter what platform you prefer, our Lifehacker Pack collections of the best free software will make your day-to-day computer experience better and more productive. We've got lists for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android. Go forth and install.


    Sorry but you will have to come up with a totally new list, peer to peer will be blocked at the server level now, sorry Labor has a mandate, You can't build Hackintosh, the images are no longer available, you might use the operation system to access something naughty, Labor has a mandate, oh and software from your Lifehacker packs? no sorry your name contains the word hacker, Labor has a mandate, we are all stuffed now. To all and everyone that voted for Labor, Greens, or one of the dumb assed indipendents, when your internet is slow as a wet week and you can't access any of the sites that you used too, don't whinge, you did it, you live with it..... Congrats Australia, we are now sincerely Fu*&ed...


      Please. If this election has made anything clear it's that Labor are going to have to throw out any of their self-proclaimed mandates. With the Greens and their on-side independents already incredibly vocal in denouncing mandatory filtering, what on earth makes you think a minority government is going to take it anywhere?

    I'll admit that it's been a while since O studied maths; but I do believe that Windsor + Oakeshott + Wilkie totals 3 independents.

    Just a minor issue, but all the same.

    I also don't understand why we couldn't have done any of the above whilst the election was being decided. Anonymous downloading may be important if Labor passes it's internet filter, but with both the Greens, Nationals, and Liberals all saying that they will block it no matter which side of the parliament their on, I'm pretty sure it won't go ahead anyway.

      True re the maths -- the focus today was on the two new ones, but yeah, sloppy of me. Will fix now.

    I know you're talking specifically about bittorent above but wouldn't usenet be a replacement for bittorrent?... and a way to not get caught because you're not uploading?

    Can you make it six things to do and add 'book a seat to listen to Senator Kate Lundy talk about Gov2.0 at Melbourne's Software Freedom Day'? Keeping the pressure on our politicians, staying involved in key decisions and continuing to participate in a democracy keeps it alive. Gov2.0 is one way to stay active - start with bringing questions for Pia Waugh and Senator Lundy on Sept 18. When we continue to press in on important issues, we can shape a participatory Government and have more say in our future. Gov2.0 is a big project and can only happen WITH us.

      Interesting, event.

      BTW: The link is

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