Exercise Balls Might Not Be The Best Posture Fixers

A good number of people, including This Week in Tech host Leo Laporte, swear by the posture-fixing, back-pain-reducing powers of using an exercise ball as your office chair. But a few different studies have shown that, despite burning a few more calories per hour than a desk chair, they aren't as posture corrective as is often thought.

On the plus side, they might inspire their users to move around a bit more and maybe correct their posture manually more often. If you're an exercise ball fan or experienced nay-sayer, tell us your take in the comments.

[NYT Health]


    I've been doing this from Mon-Fri this week. My expensive IKEA chair just happened to break (I discovered it was made of styrofoam, go figure...)

    I can feel the muscles in my abs have had a work out already. It's great to bounce on when I'm feeling excited or full of energy, and I tend to stand up for breaks more often (every 2 hours) to shift the weight from my knees and thighs.

    I don't think I'll be needing a new office chair.

    Gave me sciatica. Really painful, not reccomended.

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