Ethercodes Is A Web-Based, Collaborative Programming Notepad

Think of EtherCodes as EtherPad for developers. Featuring line numbers and syntax highlighting, it lets you code with a group, in a web browser, in real time, without sacrificing some of the comforts of your favourite text editor.

EtherCodes is very simple to use and requires no setup. Just visit the EtherCodes main page and click "Create Code Pad". You'll be taken straight to your pad where you can invite people and adjust settings, like choosing a language for proper syntax highlighting:

If you've got some code all ready to go, EtherCodes can import it. When you're done, you can export to a text or bookmark file. If you ever want to revisit a certain point in your progress, click the "Timeline" button to scroll through every change you made since the pad's creation.

EtherCodes is currently in alpha but freely available to anyone who wants to give it a try.



    Unfortunately it doesn't look like it's available for another 24 hours or so... was it previously available before now, and they had too much traffic so they put up a barrier page, or is this just an advertisement article which doesn't reflect what's actually available?

      I got in just fine.

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