Embed An Excel Spreadsheet Online

Embed An Excel Spreadsheet Online

Sharing spreadsheet data created in Excel with others can be tricky. Microsoft has now enabled embedding of spreadsheets stored on its SkyDrive service on other sites, making it easy to share them with others in blog posts and the like.

Embedding code is provided if you save a spreadsheet in a public folder, though any edits made to the data won’t be saved on your master copy (so it’s not a full-blown collaboration tool). You’ll need to create the spreadsheet either in Office 2010 or using Office Web Apps, but once you’ve done that, just select the Embed option from the More pop-up for that file within Skydrive/Windows Live and you’ll get code for this kind of result:

Hit the help article below for full details on the process.

Embed an Excel workbook on a web page [Microsoft via Excel Blog]


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