eBay Sees Doubling Of Sales Via Mobile Phones

eBay Sees Doubling Of Sales Via Mobile Phones

Many of us might feel a little paranoid about accessing eBay on mobile phones, but it’s proving an increasingly popular choice. In the first seven months of this year, 1 million items were purchased on eBay Australia via mobile devices.

The typical number of items purchased on a mobile device during that period has increased dramatically, though it’s worth noting that this period includes the launch and widespread adoption of the iPad, which is a notably different form factor to other mobile devices. Here’s the full numbers from eBay’s release:

eBay has also offered up statistics on which platforms have proved the most popular for mobile commerce. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone tops the list with 900,000 items bought during the first seven months of the year. (It’s worth noting though that the eBay Android app wasn’t released locally until July.)


  • eBay are obviously trying to push mobile sales after their recent promotion to give away 5000 x $50 cash back if you buy using your mobile. The stats at the end of the year should be a lot larger due to their push.

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